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MEGARUN 2020 Event Entry Includes: 

  • Entry fee covers 2 Participants from May 2 thru May 9, 2020 
  • 8 Nights (Saturday - Saturday) - 5 & 4 star accommodations (1 room per team) 
  • Resort fees & parking fees covered at all hotels where applicable 
  • Select hospitality covered during event
  • 2 track days TBA
  • 1 full adventure day on the water on Lake Powell - details TBA
  • Special Edition MEGARUN capsule apparel collection only available to those running in the event to outfit you for the entire event 
  • Special Edition MEGARUN vehicle livery sticker kit 
  • MEGARUN gift bags (2 per team) 
  • Special Editions and unique gifts, courtesy of event sponsors 
  • VIP entrance to all MEGARUN related parties and events 
  • Finale awards ceremony for all MEGARUN 2020 participants
  • Much more TBA!

More Info

What is MEGARUN?

This is the pinnacle driving lifestyle adventure in North America. Our agenda is to deliver the ultimate super sports car road trip! Driving the best and most scenic roads America has to offer, while visiting the best cities and destinations along the way. Combine curated event experiences that only enhance the euphoria the drives deliver and you have a road trip equation that can not be duplicated and will 100% be one of the most memorable experiences you will have all year. 

Welcome to the driver’s odyssey…This is MEGARUN!


Why is this?

It’s simple really. The MEGARUN formula circles around bringing together the best cars, people, driving roads and adventure destinations into an event experience that is one of a kind and second to none.

The MEGARUN Program
MEGARUN "The Drivers Odyssey" is not meant to be your typical coast to coast, week long rally event formula. Instead, the MEGARUN philosophy centers around creating the most dynamic and engaging driver’s adventure known to mankind. This means you can expect an extremely high level event experience with a fun factor this is off the charts.

The MEGARUN 2020 event will be a 6 city tour over 7 days visiting 4 states while hitting 2 of the most exclusive private race tracks in the US and spending 1 day on the water in what has to be considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque destinations in the world.  

MEGARUN 2020 destinations include Newport Beach, Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Sedona, Lake Powell and Las Vegas.  

With an over the top start event program and an EPIC finale event on the books combined with exclusive activities and activations throughout the entire journey, the MEGARUN 2020 program is destined to make waves worldwide between the insane cars on the grid and amazing group of participants taking on the adventure of a lifetime.